‘Smores and Hot Cocoa Night with Walmart Plus Membership

'Smores Night with Walmart Plus Membership

We don’t get too many cold evenings in Miami, so when the temperature drops enough to bring out my fire pit, I’ve got to act fast. A couple of weeks ago I felt the chill in the air, looked at my husband and we both knew what the other was thinking: s’mores and hot cocoa night! I had just placed a Walmart grocery order the day before, prior to knowing we’d get a cold front. However, because my Walmart + membership offers me Unlimited Free Delivery, ($35 order minimum. Restrictions apply), I didn’t worry about placing another order just a day later. While still outside soaking up the cool breeze on my patio, I used my phone and went to walmart.com to order everything we would need to make the most out of the cold front.

‘Smores Night with Walmart Plus Membership

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Above are my essentials for a s’mores and hot cocoa night. Everything from chunky marshmallows for roasting over the fire to mini marshmallows to sprinkle on top of hot cocoa!

‘Smores Night with Walmart Plus Membership

Do I look excited to dig into this s’more? 😜 Honestly, what a treat (pun intended) to be able to have everything we’d need to make a fun evening by using my Walmart + membership. Not having to leave my house and miss out on the beautiful weather or my husband and I spending time together is priceless. This isn’t the first time and won’t be the last time that while making my Walmart delivery order I feel a sense of relief in the convenience of it all. It allows me to stay present in the moment and to put it frankly, be as unbothered as I’d like to be. Yes, please!

‘Smores Night with Walmart Plus Membership

If you’re looking for a unique and thoughtful gift this holiday season, I actually think a Walmart + membership would be wonderful! You’re essentially giving the gift of saving time and energy that could be put into something more meaningful and fulfilling. Most recently for me it was sitting with my husband in our backyard, enjoying the beautiful weather. Who knows what the next time will be 😊

Click here to purchase a Walmart + membership gift card.

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