September’s Worth the Hype: Dae Hair Oil Review

September’s Worth the Hype: Dae Hair Oil Review

Dae Hair Oil Review

As someone who is very low maintenance with her hair, one thing I’ll never skip is using hair oil. I use it on my damp hair after washing it and I use it before/after styling it. In the past few years I’ve been going back and forth between a few brands, just rotating them in my routine. Then a couple of months ago I decided to try out the Dae Hair Oil.

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Dae Hair Oil Review

I had seen it around the internet and saw how cute it was– the aesthetic of this whole brand is really good–so I was intrigued, but not sure it was worth it, thinking it could be all frills. I’m happy to report it is indeed both cute and works really well!

Firstly, the scent is wonderful. I have no idea what actual prickly pear smells like, but that’s name of this hair oil and it is somehow both fruity and floral, while not having an artificial smell. And while I prefer most beauty products I use to be fragrance-free, I do like for my hair product to have a scent that lasts in my hair (as long as it doesn’t make the formula dying).

Besides the scent, Prickly Pear is one of the 2 main ingredients, because it’s rich in antioxidants and vitamins. The other main ingredient is Moringa Leaf, which supports keratin production.

The key to a good hair oil for me is that is gives my hair shine, helps reduce frizz without weighing my hair down and doesn’t make my hair look oily. This Dae Hair Oil passes all of these tests! And like most hair oils, a little goes a very long way, so I see myself using this bottles for quite a few months.

I have also used this Dae Hair Oil on my cuticles, elbows and knees and love the way it hydrates skin too!

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