Rediscovering my love for Denim Shorts

Rediscovering my love for Denim Shorts

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Figuring out my spring style game has been quite the journey. At seven months postpartum, I’m still feeling very meh about certain things in my wardrobe. It’s been over a year and a half since I wore a pair of shorts out and about. So I took a “style risk” while we were in New Orleans last week and tried on a pair of denim shorts to see what would happen.

Not that it was risky in any way – I just hadn’t slipped on a pair of denim shorts in AGES. Last summer, I was so very pregnant that my wardrobe consisted mostly of easy breezy sundresses that gave my baby bump plenty of room.

THE Denim Shorts for Summer

I had been eyeing these longer length AGOLDE denim shorts online for a while now. Not sure of my current size, or how they would fit, I was hesitant to order them online. I had tried this Free People pair a few weeks ago and quickly realized I would need to go up two sizes at least – so they were immediately shipped back. They were cute and I’m sure would have worked if I’d gone up a few sizes. Squeezed into that pair of shorts at the time though, I looked in the mirror that point & pondered … am I even too old for denim shorts!?

Thankfully, the answer is no! I just needed to find the right cut & style. 

We popped into Hemline while in New Orleans and they had the same pair of denim shorts I’d been swooning over displayed front and center

AGOLDE’s denim shorts come in such a great length for mom’s. The denim has a bit of stretch to it and the extra length makes me feel more comfortable and confident too. While I honestly have no idea what size I am these days, I did size up one from my pre-pregnancy denim size. I think the idea with this silhouette is for them to have a looser fit anyway.

Linking a few pairs from AGOLDE below.

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White Eyelet for Everyday

To stay on trend this spring, I paired my fresh cropped denim shorts with a breezy billowy white eyelet top from Free People. It kinda has a longer length crop top vibe too it which is fun but didn’t feel too youthful to wear as a mom of two.

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Easy Breezy for Exploring New Orleans

While we all know how much I love my sundresses, it was nice to take a break and slip into something different. This outfit was perfect for a morning spent exploring the French Quarter followed by an afternoon chasing my preschooler at the park. I have a feeling these denim shorts will be pulled out more than anything else in my wardrobe this summer and I’m so glad I found a pair that fits well & makes me feel good too.

After all, it’s most fashionable to feel good in what you wear! 

Have you tried a new trend or silhouette recently that you were unsure about beforehand?!

xo, alice

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