Recent Wardrobe Purchases

Recent Wardrobe Purchases

I spent my weekend switching from being completely immersed in the devastating situation in Ukraine to diving into a show or movie to distract myself and give myself a break. There are no words for what’s happening to the innocent people of Ukraine. It’s heartbreaking and wrong. I’m desperately hoping for it to end as quickly and with as little additional harm as possible.

Abercrombie 90's straight leg jeans outfit review

Today I wanted to share some recent wardrobe purchases I’ve made. I feel like I haven’t really switched my shopping mindset to spring yet, but there are a few new pieces I’ve recently purchased that have me inching in that direction. Even in Miami, I hold onto cozy style as long as possible.

Recent Wardrobe Purchases

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  • Target and Old Navy are my go-to places for basic tops. I really liked the cut of the sleeves on this short sleeve t shirt from Target, so I purchased it in $2 colors.
  • I purchased these chunky sneakers in the lighter color combination a year ago and I loved them so much when I saw them back in stock and in this other color combination I snatched these up. I can’t believe how comfortable these are for $50. If you’re into chunky sneakers like me, get these before they sell out again!
  • I can’t tell you how many white dresses I have, because it’s too many to count, but I can tell you I get so much use out of them. Especially in the approaching spring season. This casual white dress is a perfect everyday dress and will be a great choice to bring with me on vacations.
  • One of my favorite jeans I’ve purchased in the last year (the pair I’m wearing above) I decided I needed in another wash. I just purchased these 90’s straight leg jeans in a washed black/dark grey and I can’t wait to wear them!
  • I’ve been into the slouchy pant look for a while, but it’s been hard to find a pair that doesn’t drown my frame. I came across this petite slouchy chino pant and they fit me perfectly. They’re also available in regular sizing as well here. Note: they’re very slouchy.
  • Just like white dresses, black dresses are another favorite of mine that get tons of use (not surprisingly). I love this crinkle crepe maxi dress and it’s 30% off today with code: HURRY.
  • I’ve used this Dagne Dover backpack only once on my recent trip to NYC, but I’m already in love with it. It’s everything I wanted in a backpack for travel.
  • I talked about this awesome sherpa-lined jean jacket on my Instagram here.
  • I browsed the new Ascot + Hart collection at Target and found lots of cute things, but this pink stripe jumpsuit was the piece that came home with me.
  • How pretty is this tie front ruffle dress? It hasn’t arrived yet, but I can’t wait to try it on. It’s has me excited for Spring.
  • Two recent great finds at Nordstrom Rack is this smocked floral maxi dress (74% off) and this open back jumpsuit (44% off).

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