Plaid Faux Sherpa Jackets

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Hi! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. The weather is finally giving us winter vibes here in Miami-it’s supposed to drop into the 40’s today! Whenever we get cold temperatures I always think of those up North, because that usually means they’re experiencing freezing weather. If that’s you, I’m sending you a warm, cozy hug!


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With such wintery weather, I thought today would be a good day to share some Plaid Faux Sherpa Jackets. I have two and I realize they’re a good replacement for the ever-trending plaid shacket for those who need outerwear that’s a bit warmer and cozier. The thick fuzziness of the faux sherpa is what makes the difference. Whenever I’ve worn either of my Plaid Faux Sherpa Jackets, which has been on my cold weather trips, I actually have to put it on right before heading outside or I’ll be too warm inside. That’s very different with my shackets that I get use out of even here in Miami.

I feel like thick faux sherpa jackets are a good alternative to the puffer jacket because they’re less marshmallow-y and can be dressed up more. However, I do recommend having a puffer jacket in your wardrobe too. They’re the warmest type of jacket IMO-just not always the easiest to style into a cute outfit.

P.S. the photo above is from my trip to Helen, Georgia. You can find my trip recap here.

Plaid Faux Sherpa Jackets

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I’m actually headed out of town in a couple of weeks to somewhere very cold and just purchased a few more very warm jackets that are great. I’ll be sharing that try-on haul very soon on my Instagram!

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