Pink Patio Umbrellas & Slim A...

woman lounging on palm print pool float, with a pink patio umbrella open behind her
woman laying on top of pool float floating in pool, pink patio umbrella open in the background

I love pink patio umbrellas! In fact, one of my favorite purchases ever — that you guys helped me decide on my InstaStories (thank you!) — is the pink patio umbrella to we got for our backyard in Palm Springs. I’d wanted it for several years, so when I saw it was on sale, I finally pulled the trigger. I just saw that the sale is back today: 20% off sitewide + an extra 10% off with code EXTRA10 off on orders of $600+ at checkout. So, I rounded up all of my favorite pink patio umbrellas here.

Note: I also included umbrellas ones from other sites, so you’ll see pink patio umbrellas in all price ranges, including this wallet-friendly option for $168

Also, Slim Aarons framed prints are on sale! They never go on sale. So whether you’re looking to gussy up your outdoors or to add endless summer to your walls with an iconic print like Poolside Glamour by Slim Aarons, now is the time!

Happy shopping xo!

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Pink Patio Umbrellas on Sale:


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Slim Aarons On Sale:

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Top photos by Fred Moser, aka Fred Baby

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