This duster jacket has been in my closet for many years now but I hadn’t worn it for a while. I pulled it out of storage and wanted to see if I could make it work with how my style is leaning these days.

I decided to style it over a light neutral base and it helped me see it with fresh eyes. Suddenly a colour that didn’t feel totally aligned with my palette anymore, clicked right into place!

Maybe try this approach with an old item to see how it feels!

  • RUST LINEN DUSTER: ESBY | old | I found a similar option here and here.
  • PIMA MICRO RIB TEE: EVERLANE | True to size. | This t-shirt is a personal favourite.
  • NATURAL WIDE LEG PANTS: ld | EMLEE | Similar options here and here.
  • THE FOREVER SLIP-ON SNEAKER: pr product | Everlane | True to size. Also comes in black.
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Thanks for reading chic cute fashion post. xoxo.

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