Natural Delights Truffles

Natural Delights Truffles

Natural Delights Truffles

I’m so excited to share that one of my favorite everyday snacks, Natural Delights Medjool Dates, just released Truffles! Every time I share with this community one of Natural Delights’ new creations, we all end up connecting on our love for dates, so let’s dive into what makes these Truffles so good!

Natural Delights Truffles

Let’s start with the flavors: Chocolate Blueberry, Dark Chocolate with Added Probiotic and Chocolate Cherry. When I got my hands on these Truffles, the first flavor I tried was Dark Chocolate with added Probiotic. It just sounded amazing! Medjool Dates are already known for their prebiotic benefits and helping gut health, but the fact that Natural Delights added even more of that goodness meant these Truffles are truly an ideal healthy and delicious snack! The Chocolate Blueberry is the perfect mix of sweet with a hint of tartness from the blueberries-so good. Lastly, the Chocolate Cherry offers an all-time favorite flavor combination of mine with the added goodness of the Medjool Date in the center.

Natural Delights Truffles

NNotice above I mentioned how these Truffles were both healthy and delicious. I’m kind of over hearing that combination claimed for snacks that end up being one or the other, but not really both. However, these Natural Delights Truffles truly are so yummy for being such a healthy snack option. The crisp chocolate coating is not too thick and not too thin, it’s the perfect to ratio the Medjool Dates inside, that are deliciously chewy. Actually, that may be one of my favorite things about these Truffles, that mix of crisp and chewy-yum! 🤤

Ways to Enjoy the Truffles

You may be saying to yourself: Krista, I don’t need you to tell me how to enjoy these delicious little things. I pop them in my pop and voila! And to that I’d say, you’re right 😉 However, I’m talking about more specific ways these Natural Delights Truffles can fit easily into your lifestyle and add flavor to your healthy snacking habits.

  • Keep them in your office, at your desk. I love having these within arm’s reach while I’m working, so that if I get a sweet tooth after lunch, or get those 3pm dragging feelings, I have a yummy little pick-me-up to help finish the workday strong.
  • Next time you bring a bottle of wine to a friend’s house, bring a bag of these too. The pairing of these Truffles with wine is so delicious and bringing them along for friends to enjoy is thoughtful and a convenient way for everyone to have an easy and healthy dessert option.
  • Pour into a candy bowl or apothecary jar and place on your coffee table, kitchen counter etc. These Truffles are visually appealing and would look elevated by doing this and you’ll have easy access to them whenever you get a craving. I also love the idea of putting a candy bowl with these on the coffee table, since when I’m relaxing on my couch at the end of the day and after eating dinner is when I’m really in the mood to enjoy something sweet with the TV show I’m binging 😊
  • Skip the chocolate candy and pair these with your movie night popcorn. You’ll thank me later!

Natural Delights Medjool Date Truffles

That’s just a few examples of how to enjoy Natural Delights Truffles. Pictured above is one of the ways I’ve been enjoying them lately, which is during my mini breaks throughout the day where I stop work or stop cleaning and hop on the couch and on my phone and grab a bag of the Truffles to escape all responsibilities for 15/20 minutes 🙃

Find out more about these Truffles here!

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