My Neutral Cozy Bedroom

My Neutral Cozy Bedroom

Transitional Neutral Cozy Bedroom

Hello from my pups and I’s happy place. My cozy and bright bedroom. Just like the majority of my house, I’ve kept this room simple. I have really big windows throughout my house that bring in so much light, that I prefer to not have tons of things on my walls so that the light bounces off of them nicely. I like to keep everything neutral, but not all-white. Then I add in pops of muted colors or I lean into what I consider the accent color of my entire house, black. You can see how I incorporate black into my decor in my breakfast nook and backyard patio.


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Transitional Neutral Cozy Bedroom DecorTransitional Bedroom Style

I’ve always loved mixing textures in my decor, but I particularly love it in my bedroom. It adds even more coziness.

Neutral Cozy Bedroom DecorTransitional Bedroom Style

As soon as I saw how much natural light this window brought in, I knew I wanted to put a little seating area right in front of it. As you can probably tell, I love for decor to not match, but have something that ties them together, whether it be by color scheme or decorative accessories.

Transitional Neutral Cozy Bedroom Decor

And here are the two reasons we have a king bed and are considering a California king 🙃 They also love nothing more than a freshly made bed. I can hardly finish making the bed without them jumping on it.

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