My Mid-Century Modern Inspired Bedroom

My Mid-Century Modern Inspired Bedroom

Photo by Nathalie Martin

Photo by Nathalie Martin

I spent a lot of time on Pinterest throughout the last few months studying images of bedroom decor, taking notes of what I like and what factors make a room work. 

I knew that when designing our master, the decor had to be minimal, cozy, mid-century modern inspired (like the rest of our home), with a neutral color palette of grey, warm wood, and soft whites. 

We also wanted to make a big impact on a small budget which meant we had to use our dollars wisely. 

They one key element missing in our bedroom was a proper bed frame so we knew that's where a majority of the budget was going. 

Plus, the bed is generally the focal point of any bedroom so it just made sense from a design standpoint. 

From a function perspective, we went with an EQ3 bed seeing as we trust their solidly constructed furniture. 

The customizable bed spoke to us for its clean lines and under the bed storage and we opted for six drawers (three on either side) to keep our space as clutter-free as possible. 

TIP: If you're low on storage, consider a bed frame with drawers. Alternatively, you can get under the bed storage bins.

Photo by Nathalie Martin

Photo by Nathalie Martin

We also ended up getting a few accessories to bring the room to life:

  • a new duvet with a minimal pattern from EQ3

  • a couple of large charcoal grey planters that we scored for 60% off at the end of the season sale at the local nursery

  • a rubber tree plant

  • a gallon of charcoal paint from Canadian Tire in the shade Asphalt Grey PR16W08 in a flat matte finish

And that's it. 

Everything else in the space, throw pillows, rugs, side tables, light fixtures, and even plants, we already had. 

It's amazing how some paint and a new bed transformed our master bedroom into something completely different. 

The finished result is even better than we had envisioned. 

It's warm and inviting, minimal, and functional. 

As much as I love the charcoal grey statement wall, I love that the under the bed storage even more because it solved our problem of not having enough space for extra blankets and pillows.

While the rest of our bedroom is still undergoing a makeover, I was excited to share the completed part with you. 

Finally, if you're looking for more bedroom inspiration, make sure to check out my blog post, 14 Cozy Minimal Bedroom Ideasand follow me on Pinterest for daily home decor ideas.  

Photo by Nathalie Martin

Photo by Nathalie Martin


boom bed eq3.jpg

Wooden bed with drawers, EQ3

oxbow duvet eq3.jpg

Grey textured duvet, EQ3

hm home boho cushion.jpg

Boho cushion cover, H&M Home $34.99

Olle Eksell New York print,

sheepskin rug.png

Sheepskin Rug, Nordstrom $185

marble accent table.png

Marble side table, Target $85

minimal duvet.png

Minimal duvet, Target $150

live beautiful.png

Live Beautiful by Athena Calderone, Goop

Photo by Nathalie Martin

Photo by Nathalie Martin

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