My Latest Style Obsession: Longline Tailored Shorts

My Latest Style Obsession: Longline Tailored Shorts

Longline Tailored Shorts Outfit

It’s been a while since a completely new style of something graced my wardrobe, yet alone one that I’m so into I’ve bought multiples. Longline Tailored Shorts, sometimes referred to as Bermuda shorts, have been my latest style obsession.

I’ve always been partial to a dressed up shorts outfit, but since I never have much look finding many shorts I like (I’m so picky) I end up sticking with the denim shorts I own and love and dressing those up with blazers and button downs. However, when wearing longline tailored shorts, they do all of the elevating on their own, allowing me to pair anything from a crop tank to a tee with them and still look put-together.


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Most pieces that are tailored or offer that look tend to be heavier and more structured. Which is probably the main reason I’m all about this style of short, because it’s easy to find longline tailored shorts in lots of different materials, with many available in lightweight/breathable fabrics that make them something I can get tons of wear out of all year long, even here in Miami.

So how have I been wearing my Longline Tailored Shorts? Honestly, so many ways! And I’ll be sharing a few with you in the upcoming weeks, as I begin to transition my looks into the Fall season. As you can see above, crop tanks are one of my favorite tops to pair this style of short with, because of the high waist. Since I’m petite too, it helps balance the longer length of the short with a little peep of skin breaking it all up. I also love the difference in fit and length between the two and the entire outfit gives me the option to top it off with heels, sneakers or sandals.

A note about my tank top: it’s from Amazon and I have it in 4 different colors. I definitely recommend it for a basic ribbed tank that’s a perfect length to wear with high-waisted bottoms. Washes well, just lay down to air dry.

$17 ribbed tank top

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Longline Tailored Shorts

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