My Closet Organization Products

My Closet Organization Products

My Closet Organization Products

A few weeks ago I shared on my Instagram how I was purging my closets and reorganizing them. I use three of the closets in my home and designate each one for specific types of clothing. I also color coordinate my clothes and that may sound like too much to some folks, but it helps me a lot when I’m getting dressed and it’s also very aesthetically pleasing and calming to look at which makes putting clothes away and hanging them up a better experience. Along with some tips, I’m also sharing my closet organization products today.


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My Closet Organization Tips

I currently have my dresses in one closet, my jeans and pants in another and my shirts and shorts in another. I did this based on having ample closet room availability in my house now, but even when I lived in an apartment with only one closet, I separated my clothing similarly. I like to have all of my same style of pieces in one area and when working with a smaller closet I put long pieces with other long pieces (my dresses hung next to my jeans) so that one area of my closet had clothes hanging low and close to the ground and the other side of my closet had my shorts and shirts hanging high off the ground, with plenty of room on the bottom for a dresser or other forms of storage. I then would store things I didn’t wear often (like seasonal pieces such as coats etc.) behind my long pieces and stored more commonly worn things under my short pieces for easy access.

Currently, I have all of shoes in organizational boxes behind my clothes. I do have to scoop aside my clothes to grab a pair of shoes, but I don’t mind it all and prefer to just see clothes when looking at my closets, instead of boxes of shoes. I also separate my shoes by style. In one closet I have all of my heels on the bottom and my boots on top and in another closet I have all of my sneakers.

Besides the winter, when I’m traveling to cold weather (since we don’t really get any here in Miami), I keep my heavy sweaters in these space saver vacuum-sealed bags all year long. These bags get to thin, I can store them practically anywhere. Currently, they’re on the upper shelf of my closets.

My Closet Organization Products

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I use two different storage products for shoes: for my sneakers I use these large shoe container boxes that also open with a little door in the front which is so convenient. Then for my heels I use smaller shoe storage bins. As for my sandals, I use this basket drawer unit.
I use hangers that are gentle on my clothes, like these felt hangers or these hangers with rubber clips. Even the very cool pants hangers I use have a silicone area on them that is soft on my jeans and pants and also prevents them from slipping.
For the miscellaneous accessory and such, I use these plastic storage bins and Target storage baskets. I even have the baskets underneath my main room’s nightstands as a catch all to keep everything organized.
Another closet organization product that I’ve found amazing and helps maximize being able to specify certain spaces in a closet for particular things are these closet shelf dividers.
Lastly, I place these charcoal bags in my closets to purify the air in there. These are also great to put directly into sneakers to help with any odor.

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