Loewe Basket Bag Dupes + Straw Bag Options

Loewe Basket Bag Dupes + Straw Bag Options

I’m sure you’ve seen or heard about the popular Loewe Basket Bag by now. It’s definitely been all over Instagram for awhile and I’ve seen all the “IT” girls carrying it. I’m sure with spring and summer coming up you’ll be seeing even more of this straw bag. But if you weren’t aware, the SMALL Loewe Basket bag costs almost $500! That’s not exactly a wallet-friendly price tag – especially for a seasonal bag that you might only be able to use a couple months out of the year. So I’ve rounded up some affordable look-alike bags that will make you feel chic and trendy WITHOUT breaking the bank.

But first I wanted to mention the differences between DUPES and COUNTERFEITS. A true dupe is a design that evokes similar qualities of the designer version but doesn’t replicate trademarked logos or elements. A counterfeit is a bag that looks EXACTLY like the designer bag – even down to the logos. Unfortunately, you’ll see a lot of bloggers promoting “dupes” that are actually counterfeits. (I wrote a whole blog post about this topic, which I linked above, if you are interested).


The reason that I like the Loewe basket bag so much is because it’s a nice mix of materials. I love the casual vibes of a straw basket and the leather details elevates it into more of a handbag. I also really dig that asymmetrical handle. So when hunting for dupes I’m looking for straw baskets with leather details. Bonus points if they have cool handle details!

TOP: Etsy, Mango || MIDDLE: LOEWE, Mango || BOTTOM: Etsy, H&M

Etsy Straw Basket Bags

I first went looking on Etsy because there’s always tons of options for handmade bags. I found a lot of options for straw bags with leather handles. It was a little harder to find straw basket bags with asymmetrical handles but I found this option. And I found one bag with the leather patch on the side – similar to the LOEWE bag. I believe these are all made with genuine leather but I would message the sellers to double check! These Etsy bags go out of stock pretty quickly (which is why some of the bags in the collage are no longer linked).

Mango Straw Basket Bags

Another place to look for dupes is Mango. Mango actually has a lot of designer bag dupes available. I’m not a huge fan of supporting fast fashion brands but if you really love an item and can’t spend a fortune for the “real thing” then this is a good option. Just make sure it’s an item you will get a lot of use out of to avoid sending more stuff to landfills. I also tend to avoid fast fashion because it’s usually not made with real leather. But what I do like about the Mango dupe is that they usually contain an interior pouch which keeps your items more secure. This straw bag also has an inner pouch!

French Straw Basket Bags

The LOEWE basket bag isn’t really anything new. It’s a take on the traditional French straw basket bags. With a little bit of Googling you can find a ton of shops that sell French basket bags. French Baskets sells a variety of straw basket bags with leather handles. They are also available on Etsy!

I just picked up this raffia bag from Sézane – which is one of my favorite French fashion brands. It’s not exactly a Loewe Bag dupe but I think it’s a great summer bag option! This raffia bucket bag is also a nice one!

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I have bought 2 bags from essenceofluxurys and have been really happy with both. On initial contact I was sent many pics of the actual bag I wanted with dimensions so I was sure we were talking about the same thing. I was really nervous at first but I received it within a week of ordering. Both bags have been excellent quality, came with dust bags and original packaging. I highly recommend using them.

Peter Williams

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