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Everlane Straight Crop pants outfitHappy Friday! I hope your first week of November was great. If you watched my instagram stories yesterday, I was talking about how I don’t know when to start decorating for Christmas this year. I usually wait until after Thanksgiving, but I wanted to do it sooner this year. I’m leaving town next week for a few days-I think I’ll start the Christmas decorations the following week. I’m planning to make a day of it with baking and Christmas music too. Hopefully I won’t feel like it’s too soon!


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So, I have 2 more trips planned this year. The one I mentioned next week and another at the end of the year. I don’t know if this happens to you too, but somehow the bulk of my travel tends to be during the second half of the year, usually piling up the last few months. I love traveling so much that I’ll do it whenever I can, but I’m going to try and space out my trips a little better next year. I hardly ever take a trip within the first three months of the year; I think the last time I did this was in 2018. It may be because those are the coldest months most places and while I love the cold, a lot of places aren’t ideal to visit during those months. Anyway, am I already planning next year’s travels? You betcha! How about you?

Links & Things

  • Today is Sephora’s Holiday Savings Event. The products I shop the most at Sephora are by far my skincare acids, which you can find my post on which ones I use here. Other products I buy from Sephora are in my gentle skincare routine post here. All of these products are part of the sale!
  • The New Balance 327 sneakers have been so hard to find in-stock in a lot of-understandably, they’re so cute. I found them in stock in ALL sizes (as of now as I write this post) and I love the little touch of animal print, while still remaining a perfect neutral sneaker. I ordered a pair yesterday!
  • A PSA that Nespresso’s Pumpkin Spice pods are back in stock! I just bought 5 sleeves to stock up on, because I hate that these go away after the holidays. I’ll never understand why companies do this (looking at you too Starbucks)-why not just have these delicious flavors all-year long if they sell out constantly?
  • Thanksgiving hosting tips by Stanley Tucci. What ids it about this man that makes him so charming and lovable?
  • What a great article on The Common Belief That Steals Our Joy. I can relate to many of these and it’s an area I’m always trying to grow in.
  • I’m in love with this sweater. The delicate floral sleeves with the little wrist tie are just so pretty.
  • Oh boy, do I need this checkered faux fur tote? No. But I really want it!
  • Vanessa Hudgen’s house is a D R E A M.

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