Kim Genevieve Art Prints: Optimism...

Kim Genevieve Art Prints: Optimism...

I’m absolutely thrilled and honored to share with you the launch of Kim Genevieve art prints! Prepare yourselves — and your walls — for a giant dose of optimism and California sunshine + an exclusive code for 20% off just for Kelly Golightly readers!



California Sunshine for Your Walls


We could all use a giant dose of sunshine and optimism right now, so the launch of fine art photography prints by my dear friend — and top LA  photographer — Kim Genevieve could not have come at a better time.

Kim’s work is all about embracing the dreamer in you. And that resonates with me more than ever. You too?

It can be easy to get lost along the way to your dreams, so I love that when I look at her photos, I get swept up and transported back to that childlike sense of wonder. And it re-energizes me.

Plus, the way she captures light and color is just magical.


Which of Kim Genevieve’s Collections Is Your Favorite?


The first three limited edition collections are available to bring home right now:

1. It Starts With A Dream

2. The Palm Shop

3. L.A. Story

Check them out and let me know if you have a favorite collection or piece of art!


My Top 5 Favorite Kim Genevieve Art Prints


1. Forever Young — You may remember that I used Forever Young, an optimistic print of a colorful beach ball floating past palm trees, in my Bachelorette Pad project (see it here + here). Clearly, I’m partial to it.

2. The Dreamers — I also love The Dreamers, two palms boldly reaching upwards towards their dreams. A romantic notion and sweet gift for your beloved, perhaps?

3. You’re a Shooting Star — Speaking of palm trees, I’m in love with the pink skies and palms in this beautiful piece. I know exactly where it would go too (I’ll have to share a snap on my Instagram Stories + show you what I’m thinking!).

4. Yellow Superbloom — It’s no secret I love yellow, so this gorgeous capture of yellow wildflowers along the California sunshine is pure magic.

5. Malibu Glow — The golden light is everything the California dream is about.


An Exclusive 20% Off Code Just for YOU!


To celebrate the launch, Kim Genevieve is offering Kelly Golightly readers an exclusive 20% off code, but hurry, it’s good for two weeks only! Use code kelly20 for 20% off your order thru June 10, 2020!


PHOTOS by Kim Genevieve


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