Karoline’s Second Birthday: Turning Two

Karoline’s Second Birthday: Turning Two

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Karoline turned two in March. T W O. Each year, I’m left wondering how time flies by so fast. When we welcomed Karoline into our family two years ago, I knew life would be different. Our family dynamic changed forever with the birth of one little baby girl. And after two years, I wouldn’t change a thing. Karoline completed our little family.

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The best way to describe Karoline at two is as a firecracker. aroline has a BIG personality. She is so headstrong and sure of herself. Her confidence is inspiring. I see so much of myself in her.haha

When it comes to characters, Karoline loves Muppet Babies, Vampirina, and anything Frozen. She really enjoys singing along to the theme songs. She cracks me up when she says “wocka wocka!”

Now that she’s finally growing hair, she likes when you brush it and fix it. Looking at these pictures, it’s grown even more in the almost three months since we had them done–she even has some curls:)

Kane is really her best friend. “Kaaannee-yyyyy!” She loves just being close to him. Although she is pretty stingy with hugs and kisses for anyone.

When we took these pictures, it was right before Healthy at Home, Kentucky’s stay at home order, was instituted. I’m so thankful she was able to celebrate her birthday with her friends. And I’m thankful to have these pictures of Karoline celebrating her second birthday. If you do yearly birthday pics with your kids, make sure the pictures showcase their little personalties. I love that it’s essentially a time capsule of them at that age.

Photos by Amanda Hacker Photography.

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