January Recap Including my Favorite Purchases

high waist mom jeans and platform loafers

It’s officially the last day of January, the year’s longest month. I touched upon it in my last newsletter how planning stuff far in advance, like actually penciling it in my calendar weeks, even months in advance, helps to break up the monotony. Whether it’s just time dragging on (like January) or needing a break from work. And I say actually pencil plans in (put them in your phone, your office calendar, your planner etc.), because to me that makes having lots things planned less stressful in a busy schedule and then also gives you lots of things to look forward to, all spaced out throughout weeks or months. To me that also looks like: buying the tickets, making the reservation, confirming with your friend…Anything that helps get those plans in stone!

It’s been a cold past few days here in Miami, we finally got a little taste of winter weather. Next week I’m heading to somewhere with real winter weather-maybe even snow! I’ve been sharing some great winter pieces lately. From puffer jackets and plaid faux sherpa jackets to ribbed knit dresses and the best leggings. This past month I’ve made some other really great wintery purchases along with some that will take me through the year. I thought as part of my January Recap I’d share those with you today.


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Before getting to my January purchases, I wanted to share a few details on my outfit. I’ve had my long cardigan for a few years and it’s $40 (some colors on sale for $30) and it’s so soft-the quality is awesome. I’m also wearing the same mom jeans I’ve had for 3+ years that are one of my most worn pair. Lastly, my black muscle tank is one of 4 I have in the same style, just in different colors. Its thin, soft and a great basic.

 My Favorite January Purchases

  • This very warm vegan leather quilted vest. It’s got a great weight to it, which adds to it’s coziness. It’s definitely very oversized, so size down even to keep an oversized look.
  • I had been shopping for some heeled booties for a while, but was having a hard time finding a pair that would dress up outfits, while remaining comfortable and being able to withstand wintery elements. I didn’t want all suede or all leather. I found these heel lace up booties and fell in love with them. They are the heeled version of one of the brand’s most popular boot. They look so good on and are comfortable. Just before sure to size up a half size or if you have wide feet, size up a whole size.
  • I talked a little bit about these high rise wide leg jeans on my Instagram yesterday, but they’re so good they deserve another shout out. They’re available in petite and regular sizes and fit like a glove.
  • This lipstick and lipliner combination is perfect. The lipstick shade is: and the lipliner shade is: Whirl.
  • These felt slides are so cozy. I wear them around the house and they also look really cute with jeans and a sweater for a very casual cozy look.
  • I’ve always been really into loungewear rompers, I just think they’re adorable and comfortable. I wear them out of the house too, usually with a pair of sneakers. I just got this 100% cotton hot pink romper and I love it. It definitely runs big so size down a size. I’m going to have to get mine hemmed a little, but I love it so much I think it’s totally worth it.
  • This body scrub from amazon is really good. It doesn’t dissolve too quickly-meaning you get a good amount of scrubbing in with each scoop, and it leaves skin so soft.
  • I’m always adding some of these henley shirts to my closet and just got another couple this month. They’re one of my go-to tops all year long. They’re comfortable, not too thick and I love the way they look with jeans and shorts.
  • I already had a good travel backpack, but I wanted to have a larger option for when needed (like when I’m not checking in a luggage) and bought this neoprene backpack in the large size. I really like it. It’s very impressive how much fits in it, without it feeling too bulky.
  • I’ve talked about my love for bodysuits before in this blog post. I just purchased this green bodysuit that has such a beautiful shape to it and feels way more elevated than most bodysuits.

Many of you have asked about my book club and if I’ll be getting back to it. The answer is YES. For those wondering about the book club-it’s really just a facebook page where I share the book of the month I’m reading and we can discuss it after or share other book recs. Very casual! I’ll be sharing February’s book today/tomorrow so stay tuned and join here.

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