How To Style Pink Shelves: Pastel ...

How To Style Pink Shelves: Pastel ...

 I’m excited to share how to style pink shelves (update: they’re on sale here for under $200!)! Here’s a looksee at my colorful collection of vintage pastel glassware and new pink wine glasses, plus my new Kim Genevieve palm tree print called The Dreamers!

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Pink Shelves: Simple Living | "The Dreamers" Palm Trees Print: Kim Genevieve | Vintage Pink Wine Glasses: Etsy | Pink Wine Glasses: Anthropologie | Vintage Blendo Glasses: here + here | Brass Palm Trees: sold out but love these brass candlesticks | Wallpaper: Grace Home Furnishings c/o |

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I’ve been collecting vintage glassware for years now, but was sad that I wasn’t able to see it more on a regular basis because it’s been hidden in our bar cabinet. So when I came across these pink shelves, I knew exactly where I wanted them to go and what I wanted to put on them.


Ever since adding Odee to our lives, I pretty much have moved from The Cloffice to our Bar/Lounge room because I’m able to sit at the bar at work and keep an eye on Odee running around out back (there’s a giant pass-thru window at the bar). Just to left of that window is the home of my pink shelves. I love them!


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I especially love them because it lets me look at my colorful glassware collection! Most of the glasses are vintage and I linked where you can find them above and below. I also linked where you can find my pink wine glasses here and below.


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The shelves and glasses looked good, but they were lacking something. I kept wondering what to add to the top of the pink shelves…a vase…a plant (that would ultimately die under my tutelage)? Nothing felt quite right. Until I saw this art print by called Kim Genevieve called The Dreamers.


It’s like the cherry on top of my pink shelves!


Not only do I love The Dreamers print itself, but the meaning behind it (which you can read here) and The Palm Shop (so may beautiful palm tree prints, each uniquely beautiful!). It brings me such joy to see it and my glasses every single day.



Oh, and those brass palms are sadly no longer available (they were from the Fred Segal collab with cb2), but I love these brass candlesticks which give a very similar vibe.


Do you collect anything? Art? Vintage glasses? Neuroses?

Have a wonderful day xo!



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