How to Dress up a Black Blazer for Fall

How to Dress up a Black Blazer for Fall

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I'm currently in the process of a blog redesign so bear with me as I will slowly start to change the format in which I write my blog posts to make for an easier transition.  Fingers crossed.

Okay now on to the look..

Here in LA the temperatures are soaring.. like in the 90's..  But like all things in the City of Angels I'm sure the it will cool down soon...

 Leading us to just add a blazer.

Blazers of all kinds are going to be one of my go to's for both fall and winter.  Another thing I am looking forward to are the colors of Fall.. beautiful deep burgandy, bright reds and deep golds..  A sweet little representation one of my favorite decades.. the 1970's.

Shoes: Zara / Blazer Halston / Jumpsuit: AFRM  / Sunglasses: RayBan / Clutch:  Marie Turnor/ Earrings: Rossmore LA 

Why do I stain my underwear?. xoxo.
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