Gifts for Him 2021

Gifts for Him 2021

Gifts for Him 2021 Gifts for Him 2021

By far my most requested gift guide was “for him”. I got husband, boyfriend etc. requests and I’m here to share a Gifts for Him 2021 Gift Guide! I always get my husband to help with these too 😊

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Gifts for Him 2021

  1. This massage gun was on last year’s gift for him gift guide. It’s back again because I think the gift of basically a deep tissue massage at home is awesome. We have one, not this brand, but after researching this one had the best reviews at the lowest price, and while we both get use out of it, my husband in particular loves it for aches and sore muscles.
  2. I discovered Bad Birdie last year and bought a few of their polos for my husband for his birthday. He loves them. They have all sorts of prints from bold to more subtle and the quality is amazing. I’ve washed and tumble dried each of his Bad Birdie Polos tons of times and they look brand new.
  3. I bought myself this Mission cooling Bucket Hat for a beach trip this past year and my husband loved it so much he bought himself one. It’s UPF 50, cooling, dries quickly and we both like that you can snap up the sides to make it look like a different style hat.
  4. My husband’s love for pebble ice is unmatched. While I wouldn’t put Nugget Ice Machine in my kitchen, we’re going to be building a little BBQ area in our yard and I think I may surprise my husband with this when we finish that.
  5. I like to include a recent favorite spirit every year in my for him gift guides. This year it’s Eximo, an absolutely delicious 10 year rum. We’re both super into it and while we like rum a lot, it’s not our go-to drink. So I think it would make a great gift for anyone who enjoys a smooth, delicious spirit.
  6. I’ve always thought a portable speaker makes a great gift. My husband uses a JBL Flip and he loves it. The sound quality is awesome, it’s heavy duty while remaining compact and it’s waterproof. He uses it at home, outside and we take it on trips with us.
  7. $50 for 12 golf balls? Yes, I know. Apparently they are the best. golf balls. That’s why I think this Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls makes a good gift for golfing husbands. It’s also something that my husband wouldn’t indulge in purchasing for himself often and I always think indulgent gifts are really nice. Regardless of price, just something that a person would love, but wouldn’t buy for themself.
  8. I mentioned these on my Stuff I Bought My Husband instagram. My husband loves this Sleep Eye Mask so much. When he wears it he sleeps so much more soundly and is able to sleep in better too.
  9. I’ve bought my husband a few different products from Yeti over the past couple of years and he loves the all and uses them daily. Next time I’m going to buy him a Personalized Yeti through Etsy. I think it’ll make a nice touch to something I know he gets tons of use out of.
  10. My husband loves Shady Rays Sunglasses. He has 4 pairs, all sorts of styles. He loves the quality and price of them.
  11. I tend to always include a cool-looking domino set in my for him gift guides. I just think it’s such a nice a gift that is not only fun and can encourage domino nights, but if it’s a Luxe Domino Set like this lucite one that is available in multiple colors, it always looks great kept on display.
  12. This Electric Foot Massager is a 2 tiered gift. We have one and not only does my husband enjoy using it, he always enjoys me asking for less foot massages now that I can use this thing. It’s also at a GREAT price point for this type of massager-under $100.
  13. My husband is a huge fan of Garmin Watches-he’s had a few different styles over the years. His current favorite is the Garmin Instinct for everything it offers at the price point. (apparently Garmin watches can go into the $600’s+).
  14. Is there also a 15 year old trapped inside your grown adult husband/BF/partner? My husband had been wanting a One Wheel for years and finally got one and has so uch fun on it.
  15. Tickets! Buying a tickets to an event is by far my favorite type of gift. I’ve surprised my husband with concert tickets, sporting event tickets, comedy show tickets etc. It’s always a hit and it’s something we can both enjoy together too!

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