Enjoying the Process as a Perfectionist

Enjoying the Process as a Perfectionist

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For someone who loves to take in the little moments and communicate my gratefulness for each day with myself and others, there is still one area in my life that causes a lot of my moments of stress and aggravation. And I’m always trying to pinpoint where I allow anything but positivity and joy in.

As much as I’m a total weirdo, I’m also a perfectionist. It creeps into several areas of my life, but particularly my work and any other area of my life that is heavily goal-oriented. And as any honest perfectionist will tell you, it’s not always a great attribute to have. While the end result of things always tend to look, well…perfect, getting to that finish line as a perfectionist can be full of stress, annoyance and disappointment. (Also being around a perfectionist on a mission is not always pleasant either 🙃). I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that a perfectionist is always focused on the finished product, and so any hiccup or unexpected turn along the way feels deceivingly important and like something you have to bulldoze.

I’ve begun to realize that these moments in the process that I can easily get frustrated with and can cause a lot of stress for myself, I can instead choose to look at as not hurdles to jump over, but moments to live through and take them for what they are. As a perfectionist, I’m often so laser-focused on the end goal that when something isn’t going as planned in the process, the entire experience becomes stressful. And it’s so silly for me to allow myself to get worked up too, because I know things rarely go as perfectly planned. Even the times I do get my perfect end result, I always look back at something(s) that presented themselves as obstacles and that I stressed over and I always wish I wouldn’t have let it affect me so much.

So why don’t I enter the start of every process with the preparedness of knowing not to get worked up about anything in the process, either good or bad? I take everything else in my life at face value, why don’t I do this with my own projects and goals?

I think there is a lot more to unpack here that is is possibly tied to being a woman, being someone with generalized anxiety and someone who is a business owner. Until I dive deeper into this one, I’m going to embrace accepting obstacles by living through them and not anxiously jumping over them.

Ok let’s talk a bit about my outfit! I’m wearing the Free People Printed Baggy Shortall and they are everything I want in and shorts overall. A comfort fit that doesn’t swallow me hole. Overalls, both pant and short versions, are always one of my best investments when it comes to pieces I get ton of wear out of. I wear them all year long, styled countless ways. Here you can find my favorite pairs of overalls.


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Moving onto my boots. In a sea of chelsea boots (which I also have 😏) I wanted to add a unique style of boot to my closet this season. I added these lace-up boots to my cart the second I laid on eyes on them. I love the cool color, it’s like grey with a green undertone. Lots of reviews mention them running big, however, I found them TTS. They’re also 60% OFF which is AMAZING.

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