Easy Casual Fall Holiday Outfit, Bring Out Your Bootcut Jeans

Easy Casual Fall Holiday Outfit, Bring Out Your Bootcut Jeans

Fall Holiday Casual Jean Outfit with Bootcut Jeans

Looking for an easy casual Fall holiday outfit? Bring out your bootcut jeans. Out of all of my jeans, it’s my bootcut jeans that I always feel give me a moment. I also think there is no better time to wear them than during this time of the year too, because as it says in their name, a bootcut jean looks so good with booties. And booties are comfy, therefore making this kind of casual Fall holiday outfit a comfortable one too.


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Also, don’t we just love the way good bootcut jean fits? I find them such a flattering jean. The jeans I’m wearing are from a brand that has several really cute options for a bootcut and flare jeans-I’ve linked them above.

I was actually just thinking the other day while organizing my jeans closet how happy I am to have the skinny jean era behind us. If skinny jeans are still your jam, go for it, but for me they now feel like a denim legging and I’m not a fan of wearing leggings as pants unless my bum is covered or I’m working out in them. As someone with a curvy lower half, jeans that have more body and structure are much more my friend.

I do still have 2 pairs of skinny jeans one from high school (an American Eagle pair that I swear have the sisterhood of the traveling pants magic in them because they still fit me and I am not the same size I was in high school…truly magical pants) and the other pair I actually got earlier this year, because I wanted a light pair of jeans that will fit into my OTK boots. Along with wearing skinny jeans with OTK boots, the only other time I wear them is with an oversized top-pretty much my same rule I have with leggings.

What do you think?

Do you feel the same way? Have you long kissed skinny jeans goodbye? Or are they still a part of your outfit rotation?

Furthermore, whenever I do wear bootcut jeans, I’ll get comments like
“oh I love those jeans and that outfit! I just didn’t think they were in style”. And my friends, jeans are jeans. They’re a classic basic and just like I said with skinny jeans, even if I’ve left them behind, you can be someone who feels and looks amazing in them, in which case by all means rock them forever! But yes, bootcut jeans have never gone out of style and if you love them, but are still worried about wearing an outfit that looks outdated, just keep the other pieces you pair the jeans with simple and neutral.

For all of my fellow warm weather Fall and Winter dwellers, the sweater I’m wearing is great. It’s thin and light weight and also available in tons of different colors. If you want it cropped/hitting your belt line, order your true size. If you like how mine fits, size up 1-2 sizes.

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I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead of you! After we enjoy the weekend, next week my husband and I will be tackling a little reno in our house I’m really excited about, especially since we’re doing it all on our own 💪🏻

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