Dimensional Brunette Hair Color: Foilayage for Spring and Summer

Dimensional Brunette Hair Color: Foilayage for Spring and Summer

Thank you to Katie Noel at Bak 4 More Studio for gifting my hair services. All opinions are my own, as always.

I don’t know about you, but after winter, I’m ready for a hair change, and I tend to change my color before I change my cut. I always go to Katie Noel at Bak 4 More Studio. Bak 4 More Studio is a Redken salon here in Lexington, Kentucky, and Katie is a Redken-certified colorist. Many times, I’ll go in with some vague notion of what I want (“brighter, but not too bright, and dark near the roots) and Katie makes it a reality.

Katie began by trimming up the ends and doing some minor shaping to keep my hair healthy and promote growth. Since I wanted to lighten up the lighter color I already had in my hair, Katie used the foilayage method to brighten up those pieces using the new Redken flash lift pods with pH bonder. She brought my base color down for depth in between the foils using Redken Shades EQ gloss in 06abn Brown Smoke. I like a very rooted look because I can go longer in between coloring if you can’t truly see the grow out. I’m able to do this because right now, I don’t have grays to cover (knock on wood).

We typically do a treatment on my hair, and this visit was no different. I had to run to pickup Kane in the middle of my appointment, so Katie threw on the Redken Color Extend Blondage Anti-Brass Hair Mask, which is a violet pre-treatment. When I got back to the shop, she rinsed it out and finished my color off with Redken Glossed Shades EQ 10n in Delicate Natural.

Katie also knows I love to keep up on the latest hair products, so she washed my hair with the new Redken Acidic Bonder, did the accompanying Acidic Perfecting Leave-In Treatment, and then styled me out with Pureology Color Fanatic and mousse.

Here’s a picture in natural/outdoor lighting after my appointment. I’m so pleased with the results–this color looks so fresh for spring!

If you live in central Kentucky and want to give Katie a try, call Bak 4 More Studio and schedule a visit! If you mention my name, you’ll save $20 off your first visit:) Here are some of my other cuts + colors with Katie:

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