Dark Floral Dresses

Dark Floral Dresses

I think out of all the prints to choose from for dresses, dark floral dresses are my favorite. Not only are they as versatile as stripes and animal print, in the sense that they can be worn all year long. Dark floral dresses take the femininity of flowers with the moodiness of a darker fabric and make a perfect combination.

I’ve actually had to stop myself from buying more of them, because I have 10-15 of them in my closet. Like I said though, they’re so versatile that I wear them year round and it’s one of my favorite transitional pieces from Sinter to Spring and Summer to Fall.

I also think dark floral dresses make for a good understated option during the holiday season, if dressing in tartan or green and red isn’t your thing. They’re still fun!

Dark Floral Dresses

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