Cheers to Another Year!

Cheers to Another Year!

Hello Thirties, it actually is weirdly nice to see you! It seems like after you turn 21, getting older just isn’t as exciting as it once was. To grow old is truly a privilege denied to many and it’s something I don’t take for granted for a second. With that mentality, I’m thrilled to see what this next decade and new chapter brings in my life.

My twenties were everything they were supposed to be. They were wild, adventurous, full of friendship, romance, and self-discovery.  There were days where I was broke as a joke and then other days where I would spend frivolously on avocados. Sometimes those days were only just weeks apart – but hey that’s what your twenties are for – learning how to juggle through the struggle of growing up and finding yourself.

I definitely feel like I found myself in the latter half of my 20s. Starting this blog, for example, was a leap that I was only able to take because I was confident in who I was. I also started a family in my 20s. And had a baby in my 20s! Goodness gracious what an adventurous and life-changing decade 2009-2019 has been.

But just because I’m now thirty, it doesn’t mean I’m all the wiser. I haven’t figured everything out and I’m still learning & yearning for what’s coming around the corner. My adventurous and free-spirited soul has no plans on saying goodbye now that I’m suddenly 30. And with that, here are 10 reasons why I am excited to be 30 and why I am embracing this decade with open armsOh, and there’s a cute spring transitional outfit featured too!

Shop the Look:

Before I dive into my resolutions for the next decade, I wanted to share a bit about this look. This dreamy pink dress is by Sister Jane from Shopbop. I love their collection of whimsical boho dresses. I paired it with floral earrings and white pumps for a sweet celebratory look!

1. I no longer care so much of what people think of me.

Yes, I like to dress up and look presentable for myself and others – but if somebody doesn’t like what I’m wearing or something nitty-gritty about my personality, I no longer find I feel insecure about it. I don’t feel the need to change anything about who I am to please others and it’s truly liberating. Wouldn’t it have been great to have had that mentality back in high school? 

2. I’ve embraced my body – flaws, favorite features and all.

Woowee having a baby does a number on one’s body. So does the second half of your twenties. I may not have any resemblance of abs anymore and even though the number on the scale is still somewhat close to what it was five years ago … the shape of everything is a litttttttle bit different. I mean, my body made a human! Pregnancy made me love my body more than I ever thought I could before. I would say now, I feel at peace with my body – even when I spot a shiny gray hair in the mirror.

3. I also realize now how important it is to take care of myself & my body.

I used to think I should go to the gym just to get slim for bikini season. Now I’m signing up for a pilates class purely for health & well-being benefits. I even take more than just my multi-vitamin these days: B12, collagen boosters and fish oil for skin and nails. On top of that, I have a skincare routine that would have truly shocked the 20-year-old me who hardly ever washed her face. I now finally understand the importance of taking care of myself for a healthier future.

4. I know what responsibility feels like & make choices because of it. 

Gone are the days where I had a couple hundred dollars in my bank account and still hopped on a plane to someplace new. Bye bye to spending almost the entirety of a paycheck at Forever 21! I mean, I was 21 around the time I would do that … but I still had bills to pay!! It’s exciting to save towards our dreams, paying off major purchases and working as a team with my husband to reach our goals in the next few years. And when there is money left over after everything else and I actually treat myself to something, it feels so much more rewarding now.

5. Being able to travel more, more, & more!

They say your 20s are your wild and adventurous travel years. The norm is to settle down, pop out some kids and do the whole soccer mom thing in your thirties right? Well, I would just like to do both of those things these next ten years! We’ve already traveled with Annie countless times and she’s only 2. I’m hoping that doesn’t change and we still live a little bit wild & free while also showing up for dance recitals & weekend soccer games. 

A few daydream places I would love to experience in my 30s are Switzerland, Morocco, South America, Hawaii, Scotland, South of France, New Zealand … okay I should probably just stop before I name everywhere (because that’s where I want to go!) I’m hoping my wanderlust doesn’t truly go away just because I’m growing older.

6. Friends at this age become more like family.

Time seems more precious to me now that I have a family and carving out time for the ones we love takes priority. At this age, friends become carefully chosen pals because who would even have the time to spend on forced or faked friendships!? Our friends feel especially like family now that we live far away from our actual families in Tennessee. They are the ones we celebrate life’s special moments here in Texas with – both big and small.

7. I can grab a bottle of wine from the middle shelves as opposed to the bottom two at the grocery store.

Spending a few more dollars to enjoy a nice bottle of dry cabernet after a long day makes this gal oh-so-happy (& relaxed) come 6 pm!

8. And when it comes to drinking, we don’t need to drink to have fun.

Going out isn’t centered around house parties and bars anymore. Thank goodness! Get-togethers now consist of activities like park playdates, book club, movie night and toddler birthday parties. And staying in has truly never felt so good. A welcome change!

9. It’s totally fine that I have no idea what songs are in the top 20 hits or … even on the radio … these days.

I’ve got my Spotify playlist rotation pretty much set and occasionally I’ll branch out to the “recommended for me” generated playlists if I’m in the mood. But I don’t feel like I did back in college where I felt like I needed to know what songs everyone was singing just so I could sing along too at parties and whatnot. I’m just fine with my Celtic Classical playlist (or my brother’s band The Sheiks!) these days, thanks!

10. My thirties will mean dressing better while also being more comfortable.

Of course, I love fashion and to dress to the nines at times. But now that I’m “older and wiser” lol I don’t purchase things just because they’re trendy or cute. And if something is absolutely ADORABLE but going to be really uncomfortable too? Not happening. It’s not worth it anymore to suffer in painful shoes or itchy, too tight tops. Even if I have to spend a bit more, I now shop with a mindset that focuses on both comfort & style with whatever I wear.

xo, alice

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