Celebrating Halloween While Socially Distancing: Activities for Kids

Celebrating Halloween While Socially Distancing: Activities for Kids

I know that 2020 has been full of disappointments and missed events. When you’re a parent used to making the magic happen for your children, it’s HARD to not check all the things you used to do each holiday season off of your bucket list. Here are some suggestions on how to celebrate Halloween for kids while socially-distancing.*


  1. Recycle your Easter Eggs and have a spooky candy hunt in the back yard instead of trick-or-treat. We always save our plastic Easter Eggs each year. Pull them out, fill them with candy, and throw them in your backyard. If you’re an over-achiever, you can paint them orange and black.
  2. Make a spooky craft. Head to Pinterest, find a cute Halloween craft, and let the kids have fun making a mess
    (because we all know that’s how it’s ending up.haha).
  3. Have a spooky movie night. We like watching spooky movies together all of September and October. Here’s a list of spooky movies that I put together previously if you need some ideas. Take it up a notch and project it on your garage door–we did this with neighbors last week and it was such a good time!
  4. Boo your neighbors! Our neighbors did this for us this year and it was so sweet! Pack up some treatbags or get the Halloween donuts from Krispy Kreme and drop them off at your neighbors and friends’ houses.
  5. Have a costume parade through your neighborhood. Get your kids dressed up in their costumes and pull them on a wagon around the neighborhood. You can put a bluetooth speaker in the wagon and play spooky music as you pull them around. Doesn’t matter that no one else is dressed up–the kids will have fun!
  6. Carve pumpkins. This is part of our yearly Halloween tradition that doesn’t have to be modified. You know what to do:)

These pics are from our visit to Springhouse Gardens in Nicholasville, Kentucky this past week.  They had the cutest pumpkin “patch” and pumpkin wall setup. We went out to pick out pumpkins to carve and take pictures of the kids. While we skip the orchards this year, we still got all the feels from this visit! If you live in central Kentucky, I highly recommend stopping by there this weekend.

I hope this list helps your kids to still have fun this spooky season.  Remember, kids take their cues from their parents, so the more disappointed you are, the more disappointed they will be too. Stay safe this Halloween!

*NOTE: please follow your local regulations and guidelines this Halloween to help prevent the spread of COVID. I am not suggesting any of these things are without risk–use your own judgment on what you’re comfortable with your family doing. IF YOU ARE OUT AND ABOUT, WEAR A MASK

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