April’s Worth the Hype

3 Beauty Products Worth the Hype. Natural Makeup Look

Hi friends! I’m excited to start a new monthly series: Worth the Hype. Every month I’ll share 1-3 beauty or skincare products that are worth the hype. I’ve got plenty in my Rolodex, but I’m thinking I’ll crowdsource some suggestions from you all too. I’ll do this on my Instagram stories, so be sure to follow along so you can share your input.

Today I’m sharing 3 beauty products worth the hype:

The Eyelighter Concentrate

Maracuja Juicy Lip Plump

No7 Mascara Stay Perfect Waterproof Long Wear Tubular

3 Beauty Products Worth the Hype. Natural Makeup Look

I’m new to the tubing mascara world, because I’ve been a loyal waterproof mascara gal forever. I also tend to prefer volume over length when it comes to a mascara look. However, after continuously hearing how smudge-proof tubing mascara is, I decided to give it a go. I chose to try out the No7 Mascara Stay Perfect Waterproof Long Wear Tubular. I’ve heard great things about it, especially for being $9. As alluded to before, tubing mascara is more about length than volume in my opinion (it does add some volume too, just not as much as other mascaras). I do think because of this though and it’s ability to separate the lashes so well, it gives a more natural almost wet look. Do you get me? You know when your lashes get wet and they get a little heavy and each lash is a lot more defined? That’s the look tubing mascara gives. I don’t use No7 Mascara Stay Perfect Waterproof Long Wear Tubular each time I apply mascara, but I’ve noticed I still reach for it very often, especially whenever I’m going for a natural makeup look as you see above. And yes, it is totally smudge proof, even after an entire day of wear. Just don’t rub your eyes (hard to do if you’re someone with allergies like me!), this will understandably make the mascara flake some. But again, no smudging. I’d rather flakes than smudge.

Just like the majority of us, I’m forever searching for ways to have my under eye canceler not crease. I don’t even use a lot of under eye canceler, but that crease seems almost inevitable. I’ve actually read a lot of articles by beauty experts and makeup artists saying that we should stop trying to achieve a no crease, especially for an extended amount of time, because the fact of the matter is that we have creases underneath our eyes and most people end up drying their under eye trying to achieve that look. I actually have kind of accepted that too, as I would rather have to blot the crease at some point in the day or even just put less concealer as oppose to setting it with tons of powder. However, now I have The Eyelighter Concentrate and it’s AMAZING. The metal tip that the product comes out of has a cooling effect which is great for puffiness and helps the application of the product go very smoothly. This product describes itself as a priming serum and it’s definitely that and more. My under eye is immediately hydrated, brightened and smoothed out after using this and the way the concealer applies and stays put after is so impressive. I even use this The Eyelighter Concentrate all on it’s own sometimes, when my allergies are at bay and my dark circles are less apparent (darn allergies!)

I started getting back into lip gloss at some point last year and I really love the way it adds a youthfulness to a natural makeup look. A thing I’ve been looking for more in both my lip care and lip makeups lately are products that hydrate to keep my lips looking healthy. This Maracuja Juicy Lip Plump has a bunch of great ingredients while offering a nice little plump, without the burning effect and instead with a nice minty tingle. All of the colors it’s available in are so pretty-they’re all very natural and perfect to wear alone or on top of a lipstick. Another very cool thing about this Maracuja Juicy Lip Plump is that I’ve noticed after using it frequently I feel like it has helped my lips feel smoother and look healthier. A win, win!

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