an introduction to clean fragrances with Helio Scents

an introduction to clean fragrances with Helio Scents

Helioscents clean fragrances review

Helioscents Quino clean fragrance and Mansur Gavriel mini bag

I’ll be honest, as someone with sensitive skin, I’ve always considered “fragrance” to be somewhat of a bad word when it came to my skincare products. But with perfumes, I’m a little embarrassed to say I was all to happy to turn a blind eye to whatever mystery (and potentially harmful) ingredients they might contain. Maybe it’s because I never knew such a thing as clean fragrances existed. So when Helio Scents reached out about reviewing their clean line of fragrances, I was thrilled a gaping hole in the clean beauty market might finally be filled.

Helio Scents’ fragrances are not your typical overpowering, “strong enough to fill a room” perfumes. These scents were designed to be subtle and personal. And they’re unisex, too! They sent me their Sniffing Set, which includes vials of each of their 6 scents, before choosing my favorite for a full-size bottle. I really wish more fragrance companies offered this service. One of the things I learned was how each scent changes with your body chemistry throughout the day. Ultimately I decided on Quino, which, with notes of nootka tree, lemon, mandarin, and neroli, is like a little Mediterranean summer wafting across the veranda (can you tell I’m ready to travel?). 

Tl;dr: I’m SUCH a fan of this product and it’s comforting to know I’m only spraying natural ingredients on my body when I use it. If you’re curious, I highly recommend trying the Sniffing Set – each of the scents are so unique and you get a $20 credit towards a full-size bottle when you order!

What does naughty or nice mean. xoxo.
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