16 Gifts for the Homebody

16 Gifts for the Homebody

This was one of the funnest gift guides to put together, because I am a homebody queen 👑 I’ve always loved enjoying the comforts of being home, it brings me happiness and peace. There are definitely some products that make the experience even better. Today I’m sharing 16 gifts for the homebody and why I think they’re perfect choices–coming from someone who’s favorite place in the world is on her couch with her two pups.

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16 Gifts for the Homebody

  1. I am never not wearing a sweater or cardigan at home. I actually prefer them to robes, as I find robes sometimes a little too much. Also, you can still feel put-together in a cozy cardigan. This honeydew intimates cardigan has 4.5 stars and over 100 reviews. It’s also 50% OFF.
  2. In the same spirit has a cozy cardigan goes a cozy blanket. While cozying up at home, I’m usually under a blanket and the fluffier and softer the better. This faux fur throw is 4.8 stars with over 700 reviews and is currently 45% OFF.
  3. I’d have to hold myself back from planting a big ole smooch on anyone that gifts me a wine goodies basket, because the idea that I have everything yummy for a night in, cuddled up and watching a movie is my heaven.
  4. If the homebody you’re shopping for is a reader, the Amazon Kindle is an amazing gift. I myself am a reader and love reading physical books, but recently realized it was just more practical and cost-effective to use a Kindle and so now it’s on my own holiday wish-list.
  5. This Restore Reading Light, Sound Machine & Sunrise Alarm Clock is so cool. I love that it acts as a reading light without the harsh blue-light coming through, so it’s great to use in the evening since it won’t mess with your circadian rhythm. I also think waking up to soothing sounds and light, instead of an iPhone alarm going off is a self-care treat.
  6. If your homebody is also a coffee lover, they’ll love this Multi-ccino Mug. It shows how to pour in the right amount of espresso/coffee/foam milk to make all of the coffee drinks.
  7. Face masks are always a refreshing and treat-yourself moment to enjoy while home-bodying it up, so a bundle of face masks makes a thoughtful gift. I have very sensitive skin and I’ve used pretty much all of the Sephora brand face masks and they feel great.
  8. Did you know you can buy someone a prime video movie rental? A good movie is practically a requirement for a homebody’s ideal day or evening, so set them up with a Prime Video gift card to jump start their chill time.
  9. This Double Wall Tea Infuser Cup is really cool, because the double insulation keeps the tea hot for longer and the fact that the steeper fits right onto the mug allows for it to continuously be put back in the tea keeping it strong-which as a tea drinker is ideal. It’s also nice to not have the actual teabag in the water, to prevent the lea leaves from leaking out and so it’s not getting in the way.
  10. Snacks are imperative to the homebody life, but how about international snacks? Turkish snacks are favorited across Europe, so how cool is this Turkish snack basket. It’s a fun option to gift snacks that your giftee probably has never tried before.
  11. These reusable eye masks are a gift that keeps giving for any skincare-loving homebody. These can be kept in the fridge so they’re cool when worn. After applying eye serum/cream, these go on top to help the products absorb better into the skin and help reduce puffiness too.
  12. The thought of having a meal covered is a homebody’s dream, more time to just keep it horizontal on the couch and wait for the Tikka Masala to arrive. So give them the gift of an Uber Eats gift card.
  13. Another snack gift that is genius is edible cookie dough. When you’re in full homebody mode, grabbing the uncooked cookie dough in the fridge is a real temptation, so the idea of edible cookie dough that is vegan, gluten-free and safe to eat is amazing.
  14. Perhaps the ultimate luxury a homebody can embrace while in their element is a wonderful bath soak. This Maude Tub Kit has both a salt soak and milk soak. I’ve used Maude products for a few years now and they are top-notch. Their products are clean and cruelty-free and leave your skin and body feeling wonderful.
  15. There’s a reason why you see UGG slippers everywhere on the internet, they’re amazing. Comfortable and water-resistant, give these to your homebody and you’ll set them up with cozy slippers to finish off any loungewear look.
  16. Honestly, you’re doing your homebody a favor by giving them not only comfy socks, but comfy socks that have a grip bottom. I’ve slipped while wearing socks more times than I can count, so grip bottoms have become a must for safe home-bodying.

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